Cooper Island Brewing Co.

Since we already produce our own power and
water from the sun, it made sense to make our
own beer too. Our microbrewery has been custom built by Willis European to be as water and power
efficient as possible.

For every 500L of beer produced, we use 570L of water and that includes cleaning down equipment and sterilizing the kegs to store the beer.

As food-safe products are used throughout the clean down process, we are able to use this waste water for garden irrigation too.

Head to the Rum Bar to see our brewing room with stainless steel kettle, mash tun and whirlpool, plus four fermentation vessels.
On 20th March 2016 we launched our first three draft beers – a lager, amber ale and best bitter.

Now it’s over to you to name them. Follow us on Facebook to enter to win a free stay at Cooper Island Beach Club.