10 Key Facts


We are completely off the grid and self sufficient, we produce all our own electricity and water with over 303 Solar Panels. 


We have 40 Mooring Balls, 20 White First Come, First Serve. 20 Orange Reservable Balls @ BoatyBall.com


We do not collect or take trash on our eco-resort. You may be able to see Kevin & G around 4pm who collect trash at a small fee. 


We have one of the largest selections of rum in the Caribbean with over 350 rums from around the world


We have a submerged dock from hurricane Irma in front of our resort that is now the home to lots of sea life


We have 42 international and local staff members working at Cooper Island Beach Club from 12 different countries


We are home to a wide selection of wild life, including goats, chicken, Anegada rock iguanas, red footed tortoises, night heron & hermit crabs


All of our food waste is collected and picked up by farmers to help feed their livestock


To keep up with our eco efforts all of our packaging and straws are 100% compositable including takeaway packaging. 


Our Island includes a Restaurant, Main Bar, Rum Bar, Coffee Shop, Brewery, Boutique & Small Hotel