Cooper Island Beach Club’s ‘eco-luxe’ ethos means we are committed to providing wonderful amenities whilst also reducing our environmental impact. We have a number of practices that help to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

An array of over 303 photo-voltaic panels provides 85% of our electricity needs and this has saved over one million pounds of carbon emissions so far. Our hot water is also provided by solar hot water heaters throughout the resort.

To reduce plastic waste, bottled water is not sold at the resort and we produce our very own triple-filtered and treated drinking water. Rainwater cisterns hold 250,000 gallons and our desalination plant runs on solar power during the day.

Guest Rooms at Cooper Island Beach Club

All our guest rooms are fan-cooled, not air-conditioned and all doors and windows are screened to let the sea breeze through. A cistern underneath each building collects rain water and a solar water heater in the roof supplies the showers.

Organic amenities are provided in the guest rooms. We use eco-friendly detergents and ‘green’ cleaning products to prevent water pollution.

Cooper Island Bech Club Microbrewery

To reduce aluminum waste, we do not sell any canned beers – just draft beers from our own microbrewery on Cooper Island.

Washable glassware and cups are used in the bar and our disposable items are ECO Products made from corn, not petroleum based plastic. We use straws made of agave which are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Cooper Island Beach Club Herb Garden

To reduce our food imports and also support local community, we purchase organic vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood from several BVI farmers and fishermen.

Our gardens are filled with edible plants for the kitchen and feature on the menu daily. Some of these crops include okra, eggplant, chard, bok-choy, papaya, passionfruit, mango, banana & pineapple.

GL Glass/Sand Crusher

A GL sand glass crusher reduces our empty bottles down to a fine sand. It is then added to building aggregate for projects around the resort.

A submerged-membrane bioreactor processes our waste water into 1000 gallons of clean, recycled irrigation water each day to be used for watering the gardens.


To aid us in our sustainability efforts we work with a number of local suppliers and businesses to make the most of what the BVI has to offer.

  • Full Belly Farm
  • Good Moon Farm
  • Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries
  • Green Technology BVI
  • EC Soap Co.
  • Sage Roots
  • Trèfle
  • Sail Caribbean Divers
  • ES Construction
  • Amandla Engineering
  • BVI Gin
  • Salt Shaker BVI
  • The Humble Co.